Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation aka ELDOA, are perfect for you if are seeking a solution to your nagging back pain or simply looking to accelerate recovery time from your sport.

ELDOA = Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Ostéo Articulaire

ELDOA™ creates space in the vertebrae of the spine, which allows the spine to hydrate the joints and halt the inflammatory, degenerative processes that results in back stiffness and pain!

World renowned French Osteopath, Guy VOYER, DO has spent over 35 years mastering the function of and harnessing the power of the fascial systems by applying a model of biotensegrity to create specific exercises and manual treatments to normalize the body. Most notably, VOYER has continued to develop the ELDOA™ techniques to help treat the spine, extremity joints, pelvis, and cranium.



The ELDOA exercises use the fascial lines to create global tension in the body around or toward a joint with the primary goal of increasing space within a chosen articulation. As the ELDOA “creates” space, there is an improvement in joint mechanics, increased blood flow, reduced pressure on the discs, a reduction of pain, spinal disc rehydration, improved posture, and a sense of wellbeing and awareness. Working with a certified ELDOA Trainer/Therapist allows for proper organization of the ELDOA postures in order to achieve the most efficient results.



The human spine is a complicated and vital structure. Compression and articular blocks can cause pain, arthritis and neurological conditions. The ELDOA postures are a highly effective solution to these conditions. The ELDOA are very precise postures that target a specific joint region to provide relief from pain and restore balance.

As a fundamental structure of our body, the spine is the basis of our health and longevity. The spine’s complexity and integral structure drives many of our health conditions that can cause dysfunctions of joints, tissues, and biological systems that link within the body from head to toe. Striving to achieve and maintain homeostasis (or balance), the body is challenged daily by structural and postural stress from gravity, poor awareness and movement patterns that can create long term imbalances. The goal of the ELDOA is to address these imbalances by normalizing the space, alignment, strength, mobility, quality of tissue and joints, and most importantly the movement of fluids throughout the body.


• To create more space between the vertebrae.

• To create more space for the intervertebral disc.

• To depress the nerve between the vertebrae.

• To improve proprioception of the vertebral joint segment.

• To improve proprioception of the Function Spinal Unit (FSU).

• To hydrate the intervertebral disc.

• To move all parts of the annulus fibrosis to stimulate water absorption


Relief of Chronic and Acute Back Pain
Relief of Neck and Shoulder Tension
Injury Recovery and Prevention
Reduced Joint Inflammation and Arthrosis
Delayed Disc Degeneration
Increased Disc Hydration
Increased Blood Flow
Improved Posture
Normalized Disc Bulges
Reduced Degrees of Scoliosis
Increased Flexibility
Improved Muscle Performance and Tone
Normalized Visceral Function
Improved Digestion
Reduce Stress
Fewer and Less-Severe Headaches
Improved Awareness and Overall Wellbeing
Improved Recovery Time for Sports and Training
Reduced Forward Head Posture
Improved Sleep