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Balance your structure for results (It’s not what you think)


Muscles have low priority

If you’ve done a bit of research on using exercise for your pain, you have probably at some point come across Janda’s chart comparing phasic and tonic muscles; Phasic muscles tend to get weak, and thus it recommends we strengthen them. Tonic muscles tend to get tight, and we should stretch them. “Follow these rules to be balanced”

Unfortunately the body is more complex than a car. If the body were as simple as that, more people would be getting results wouldn’t they?


If there are any rules, this is definitely one LAW of Physiology

Structure Dictates Function

If you create balance in the body (especially key areas, i.e Pelvis, Foot, Skull, etc), freedom is created for the body to perform optimally. This can also be a synergistic relationship, meaning function can influence structure.

If your massage therapist, health coach, chiropractor, or fitness guru is simply talking about muscles, it is time to move on!

Muscles are low on the “Totem Pole” of priority.

If your pain, stiffness comes back a couple hours or shortly after your chiropractic adjustment, ART, Graston session, or massage session, then the changes were not high enough up the Totem Pole to make a lasting change for your particular challenge.

At Full Circle, we use a variety of manual therapy and exercises to safely work with the nervous system and fascia – skin of the nervous system – to provide lasting changes.

Learn why professional athletes and individuals around the Bay Area are consulting with us for ELDOA and other techniques we offer here. Call us at 510-292-9177 or Email to schedule your session today.

Create Freedom in your body


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