Paradigm & Approach

"You are your own best therapist"

Level 1 - Treatment

Treatment is the portal of entry that aims to understand the patient's story and goals. This phase is focused on discovering what actions and modalities would help the patient the most. Therapeutic hands-on treatments are applied to facilitate patient autonomy and independence via education & therapeutic alliance. For example, after treatment, there is a window of opportunity created where the patient may have reduced pain and an increased capacity to prolong the benefits of their treatment via self-care modalities.


Level 2 - Movement

Movement & exercise education empowers patients. Imagine being able to travel and having the knowledge to help yourself with your pain, rather than being reliant on a clinician to help you all the time! Exercise is a powerful tool that helps one transition towards self-sufficiency and away from doctor-reliance.

Level 3 - Nutrition/Lifestyle

This level begins to require much more discipline, and therefore most patients are often less willing to make initial  changes here, but we can identify the "bang-for-the-buck" nutrition & lifestyle that will support them with their goals.

Level 4 - Mindset

Pain, wellness, and performance aren't just limited to biomechanics & biology, but we must also pay attention to behavior and perception: this describes a Bio-Psycho-Social approach to healthcare. 

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