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Prolong Your Dancing Career!

Dancing is a wonderful art that is also physically taxing on the body. I have seen many dancers just beginning their professional careers, and can see many physical limitations that will severely limit the health of their career. An average dance career lasts 15-20 years, but with a proper training/therapy program and nutrition/lifestyle habits, this statistic can be prolonged.

If you are a professional dancer, you must be on TOP of of your health by training properly while nourishing yourself with quality food and rest.

Impending hip replacement, knee strain…

ilio-femoral ligament

In the classical turnout movement, which involves an external rotation of the hips, factors like the elasticity of the ligaments of the hips, the shape of the femoral head, and flexibility of the hip joint are very critical. After years of practicing and dancing, any dancer will feel the impacts of their hip joint. Typically there is 12cm2 of hip joint surface area contact, but during the turnout there is only 6cm2 , which builds up to a lot of stress over time!

But are you really doomed for hip replacement?

Hip pain and arthritis is one of the most prevalent fates and injuries that dancers end up dealing with, but you don’t have to suffer if you take action to optimize the health of your body and joints.

The turnout is a stressful maneuver to the hip joint, but does that mean you should not do it? No.

What I think it means is that you have to take responsibility for your body.


The femoral head, hip joint ligaments, and hip socket can be treated with therapy to provide optimal lubrication back to the joints, tendons, and ligaments that are critical to allowing proper gliding and movement of the ball-socket joint.


ELDOA is one of the most important exercises you can do for your hip joint. ELDOA of the coxofemoral joint is a way to create space in the capsules of the hip joint, which allows fluid to hydrate the joint again. If you combine this with myofascial stretching, segmental strengthening, and specific hip joint proprioception exercises, you can prolong your dance career!

You can do something about the inflammation and pain in your body. Please contact Jaron Hua at or 510.292.9177 to learn more about how you can promote the length of your career and improve performance today.

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