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What being healthy actually means

Health is not the lack of pain or disease.

Health is taking responsibility for what you are creating.

Health is not perfectionism.

Health is being aware and responsible for your actions.


Example – GMO’s

Simply put, GMO’s are garbage.

For an individual, it lacks nutrients. How can you ever duplicate a food that nature created? From a public health standpoint, it provides “energy” via what may be called Food-Like Substances. While we’re not really promoting health, just consuming calories.



Wild Salmon typically contain a lot of anti-inflammatory omega-3 properties and gain their pink color from the carotenoid found in krill and shrimps. However depending on what coast you are on, radiation levels may significantly disrupt the nutrient-profile of wild salmon. Does this make GMO salmon better? I would say no, as they have a completely different diet, are given an artificial color since they don’t appear pink anymore without a dye, and again, we can’t duplicate what nature has created. All it takes is 1 wrong code, mutation for our body to not recognize what you are eating, which typically leads to an inflammatory response.

My solution to all of this salmon mess: Avoid farmed salmon. Consume wild salmon as long as radiation isn’t being found in your body, which you can find with nutritional analysis, muscle testing, applied kinesiology and other techniques. Otherwise avoid all.

Back to GMO’s

Although our genes are still like cave-men, we have to realize that we aren’t living in a cave-men society. Yes We have cars, fancy watches, etc. but we are still designed to eat real foods.

We shouldn’t believe that being healthy means we should never have sugar, GMO’s, etc. but we should understand that our diet shouldn’t be founded in GMO’s as a main staple.

Health isn’t being perfect!

Try the 80/20 rule – strive to take care of yourself and manage all stressors 80% of the time, while allowing 20% be the buffer.

This doesn’t mean that you’re only have fun 20% of the time. Look at it the other way – if you want that 20% to be more of a 100%, then eventually your body will force it to be 0% when you are sick, tired, or dead.

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